Simply workable & complete IT solutions.


Professional engineers, analysts and designers
creating your optimal solution.

IT Consulting

System and network engineers, IT administrators and developers with more than 20 years of experience  can propose you  adequate solutions through a series   of interviews and analysis of your  requirements.

We work currently on Microsoft, VMware, Linux, Apple or Unix-like operating systems and embedded systems with proprietary OS as well. Wired (copper and fiber) and wireless networks are our daily business.

Digital Libraries

We design the architecture dedicated to port and manage your ancient  documents and manuscripts to the digital world. Application and Web based solutions as well to deliver the cultural contents worldwide by implementing standard formats and protocols dedicated to digital libraries.

Wireless Sensor Networks

The new entry in wireless technology are WSN. We can interface small embedded wireless systems, equipped with sensors/actuators, with the web, email and all other services.

From a simple temperature controlled system to a wireless multimedia network, we use a full mesh protocol technology to provide the most modern non-invasive wireless solutions. 

Web, CMS, 2D/3D Graphic 

Our creative designers have experience dating back to the 90s, from the hi-quality printed products until today, age of dominant computer graphic, multimedia and web graphic. 
Sophisticated artists skilled in hand drawing as well as with digital pen, can suggest you the best style for business or presentation in any digital, or printed, graphic creation.